dolphinstagram said: I think people should stop being offended by the old picture of the white housewife and the fact that the cat is blonde. Why is it important what race the pic is? Some feminists are white. Its a meme for crying out loud... (I'm black before anyone jumps down my throat).

I agree with everything here except the part where people should stop being offended. If we went around saying that then people wouldn’t be free to be offended about a lot of things, and I think being offended about oppression is healthy and natural.

I realize that we can’t make everyone happy (hell, I personally liked the original meme better…) but we do want to offend the least number of our followers as possible, which is why we changed the meme. 

I personally liked the original meme better because of the irony aspect of it (most non-feminists think that feminists are just white female-bodied women, but obviously that’s not true). Buuuut I like cats too, this cat is silly, and a lot of people like cats (not everyone, though!). So we thought the cat may be a safe bet. This is not to say that we think everyone should love the cat—-but we’re hoping they at least won’t be offended by it.

- affairofthepoisons

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